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Tyrannosaurus rex was a fast runner

Greetings all,
After reading many of the posts in the wake of the Hutchinson paper. I've given this issue some thought. Understand first though, that I'm a layman, not a scientist. I'm convinced that the large theropods could run, meaning suspended phase and all that. Aside from Greg Paul and Dr. Holtz' work on this subject, it occured to me that I could not think of any living carnivore that was incapable of moving quickly when it needs to. Even crocodilians are capable of bursts of speed when ambushing prey at the waterline. Also, doesn't the fact that bears can gallop quickly totally invalidate Horner's femur/tibia argument? What exactly are the leg proportions of bears? As I understand it, they have very short lower legs, but I'm not 100%certain as to exact measurements. In spite of this, bears can move quickly when they need to. If anyone can name a terrestrial carnivore that is always restricted to slow movement, please let me know. It seems to me that Hutchinsons' work on musculature ! ! indicates slow speed, while studies of the leg bones indicate the opposite. So I leave with another question, if large theropods could run, could they jump as well?