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Re[1] Re[1] The race of the cripples

<< One does not have to looks within the constriants of a
maximum-weight individual versus another maximum-weight
individual. At some point of its life, a leggy young
Albertosaurus would have weighted the same as an adult
Allosaur, at which point in a race I am certain it would win.>>

Unfair, a juvenile would have longer legs and more gracile
proportions than an adult.

<< Of course, it also all depends on a for-what-distance
race you are talking here. In a 10-meter race, a hairless
bipedial primate can actually outrun a horse. In a 100-meter
race, a cheetah would have no problem overhauling that ape
again while the story becomes very different in a 500-meter
marathon. As would the case for the match we mention, in a
long distance race, for reasons I might be allied to Tom
Holtz with, I think the Tyrant lizards would almost
certainly win. Though I still stand by the Tyrants ruling
the short sprint event.>>

I disagree. On the long run, perhaps, but not in a sprint.
That's just my gut, though ...

Thomas Miller
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