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Sinovenator skull reconstruction

Hi all,
I've made a skull reconstruction of _Sinovenator_ based on the partial skull and completed with a HP Greg Paul's _Sinornithoides_ skeletal reconstruction and other troodontid stuff (like a HP Tracy Ford's _Troodon_ sketch).
If you wanna see the (rough) drawing, just ask off-list. Please feel free to criticize. If it's bad, write "Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!".
Thanks in advance.
A question about a life reconstruction of _Sinovenator_: I think I'll base my restoration on _Sinornithoides_ once again (but with opisthopuby), but shall I not include some features of _Archaeopteryx_ like forelimbs longer than _Sinornithoides_'s? (I'm making here comparison with _Bambiraptor_ having longer forelimbs than most dromaeosaurs). I'd like to have your opinion.
BTW... Does someone has a better image of the new feathered Yixian dromaeosaur with feathered hindlimbs? I'd like to sketch it, I always like when I can make my personal artistic research. Thanks in advance again.
Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.
ps: I have a funny nickname for the new dromie: the "cock-a-doodle-do-dromie"! LOL!!!