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Re: Archaeopteryx, always a bird. (was RE:)

In a message dated 3/7/02 12:00:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
n_gardner637@hotmail.com writes:

<< I don't think Archaeopteryx can ever be non-avian as Aves is defined as 
 Archaeopteryx + Neornithes, unless you follow Gauthier. >>

As I recall, the first writer who considered Archaeopteryx to be a non-avian 
dinosaur was Adrian Desmond, toward the end of his book The Hot-Blooded 
Dinosaurs (was it 1972??)---although in those days the modifier "non-avian" 
had not yet come into vogue. I'd like to know of an earlier reference in 
which Archaeopteryx is called a [non-avian] dinosaur, the earlier the better 
(e.g., 19th century??).