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Re: The race of the cripples

"Why?  Because it has a "better" F/T ratio?  Because it has longer metasarsals?  Because it's ilium would end up a couple of inches longer?  None of these is conclusive evidence, even bet, that it would win."

Yes the Albertosaurus have better F/T ratio (at least for running).  Longer metasarsals would allow the Albertosaurus to have a longer stride.  A cheetah is more adapted for speed (flexible spine)  like the Albertosaurus is when compared to an Allosaurus.  You are saying as if longer legs is all Albertosaurus got for advantages.

Albertosaurus has:
1.  Longer legs,
2. Better F/T ratio
3. If they were the same size the Albertosaurus would still have stronger legs
4.  Special Ankle developement for absorbing shock
5.  Smaller, more energy efficient feet (if they were the same size that is)
6. Big cnemial crests for better, more powerful lower leg movement.

What does Allosaurus have?  Size?  Being smaller would only make it's stride shorter and it would still be left in the dust.

I bet for the Albertosaurus all the way.