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why there have been no PM dinosaur messages

Many of you hopefully know (and the rest of you won't believe :-) that
we try to keep the number of dinosaur list messages per day down to a
somewhat manageable level.  We aim to allow no more than 50 messages
per day.  Due to limitations in the listprocessor's software we can't
set that message-limit directly, so sometimes the list is stopped at
lower numbers, and sometimes it goes over.  We have erred more than
once recently in allowing the number to go over, and because of that
and the fact that "volume of traffic is too large" is the number one
reason people leave the dinosaur list, I've chosen to let the list
remain stopped today even though we only had forty messages.

For me today is Friday.  You won't see this message until Saturday at
the earliest (unless maybe you're in Hawaii or thereabouts; that being
the case then why are you reading your mail late on a Friday night?).

I remind (or inform) all of you about this subject in the hopes that
it might make you think more about what you send to the list.
Messages you send will not prevent others from being sent, but they
may delay them.  Please use our resources wisely.  Please do not send
messages here just because you can...

Thanks for your cooperation,

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)