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Re: Combined answer Archaeopteryx running...

HP Tracy L. Ford wrote:

> > Then why did pterosaurs retain the manus all the way to the K/T?
> Not all of them did. According to Benett's SVP talk in Mexico City,
> Nyctosaurs (with that weird crest) lacks a manus,

Nitpicker Attacks!!! >B-) As it certainly had mt and finger IV, it can't
have lacked the entire hands.

> mani

Manus again in the plural. Manus is declined like sensus, or senatus, or
domus, not like tarsus or saurus or (to get away from the Greek loan words)
servus or humerus.

> Crazy as I am, I don't think
> pterosaurs went into tress and was a ground based animal.

Why "crazy"? Isn't that mainstream (that all known pterosaurs were not
arboreal -- tell me if I've misinterpreted your sentence)?