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Re: Predator/Prey

> Ok, take a look at what you just said. It was what I JUST said.

Not exactly.

> Granted the universe is not going to crumple if the wolf is taken away.
But the wolf being where it is, serves a very important role to sustain
somewhat of a balance in the system. As you just stated, the deer population
would explode, perhaps causing stress to vegetation, nearby cattle ranchers,
and the like. I don't know what you call that, but what I call that is an
unbalanced ecosystem. When population are controlled to an order of balance,
i.e.= predator/prey ratio is healthy and neither one is overabundant, then
it appears to me a system is under less stress and therefore healthy.

Then so the ecosystem be imbalanced! As HP Dann Pigdon mentioned, it won't
stay that way. Another predator might turn up, or evolve from something
smaller, or the deer will evolve more of a K-strategy and reach an
equilibrium with the plants alone, as he wrote. There is nobody who could
care when the ecosystem were "ill". Not even if the whole biosphere indeed
crashed down. :-|