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Re: a little background

> (My own suspicion is that the theropod mass models are badly out of
> whack; I will cheerfully believe in large theropods with half their body
> mass in their legs, and have the suspicion that the apparent general
> size limit for that body plan may be at a much lower mass point that
> hitherto suspected.)

I tend to agree because the longer they are looked at, the more pneumatic
they appear to be, yet still pretty high densities are normally used to
calculate mass from volumetry. I also think the forward-falling method
should be looked at mathematically (of course, this asks for another work of
that size...).

> The little zippy guys aren't at risk of predation,

What about the little zippy dromaeosaurids? :-) And troodontids and...

> why are the smaller dinos so rare and
> the large ones so common?

Are they, apart from the usual explanations of preservational bias and the
different probabilities to be overlooked in the field?