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Sinovenator skull reconstruction

Hi fellow DML-members!
A short while ago I posted on the web that a skull reconstruction of Irritator was available to anyone who wanted one. The number of responces was great fun for me to do some extra discussing about this interesting animal and thanks to everyone who gave me pointers for my new version of the skull (which will be done in a couple of weeks, including lower jaw this time), much of them are already included.
But here is a new one, the basal Troodontid Sinovenator from China. Based on the photographs and text from the short paper in Nature, recent skull reconstructions of Archaeopteryx, the skull from Deinonychus and the drawing that was made by HP Aspidel. Anyone who wants a laser scan copy, please contact me offlist. And as was possible before, feel free to critice anything that might be in error, from cheering enthousiasm to destructive commentaring.
I'll hear from you (hopefully... :))
Rutger Jansma