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Re: Re[1] Neck flexibility in large theropods

There is really no need to repeat what all too many people have already known or said. The truth of the matter is, the Spinosaurus in JP3 is simply put there to make the movie even worth watching in the first place and mostly as a gimmick. Hollywood was morally bankcrupt in relation to the paleontological community to start with anyway, they are more concerned with making monster flicks to "put butts in seats", not dinosaur movies, with dinosaurs as a convient tie-in as a "real life monster" gimmick... to heck with misconceptions we may be forwarding. But what really irks me I suppose is when they go around claiming that their animals have been reconstructed to be as scientifically accucrate as possible. The JP3 Spinosaurus could literally go down in modern dinosaur high-budget movies as the most hyped up and blown out of proportion animals just as a marketing gimmick ever. One could just count the liberities they took with the animal just to make it look badder or meaner to attract attention, including a blatantly obvious one of it surviving the bite of an furious Tyrannosaur to the neck, when by all logic and rights it should have lost its head or died at that very instant. But instead not only did it survive being yanked around and chomped on by bone-crushing jaws, it managed to somehow turn the tables, and kill the Tyrannosaur by breaking its much more robust neck in a much shorter time then the Tyrannosaur with all its bite-force superiority and Spinosaurus more graile neck failed to do! It's no surprise the JP3 Spinosaurus had its conception in the mind of an expert who is hopelessly biased against Tyrannosaurus rex to start with. There's really no point dissecting JP movies here. As far as science goes, it's pratically all nonsense.

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