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After a year or so of discussion, several weeks of increasingly impolite
emails to vendors, a couple of days of hard work, and almost no actual
planning, palaeos.com is live.  http://www.palaeos.com/default.htm

This site will combine the Vertebrate Notes with the paleontology and
earth sciences portions of the Kheper site.  Consequently, it’s going to
be very large but of variable scope and style.  Right now, there's not
much there.  However, we do have a nice section on theropods at
http://www.palaeos.com/Vertebrates/Units/Unit340/340.000.html which may
be of interest to some list members.

The transition will take several months.  Since the underlying materials
(mostly Alan's) have wormed their way into footnotes in the
undergraduate course syllabi of certain desperate junior faculty, we
*will* promise to have the thing more or less organized by the beginning
of the 2002-03 academic year. In the meantime, the Vertebrate Notes, at
least, will not be updated.

We remain completely baffled by the problem of making any money off this
stuff, so it is still entirely non-commercial by default.  As always, we
are happy to get any corrections, new links, comments, artwork,
reprints, etc. 

  --Toby White & Alan Kazlev