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The results are in: The end of an error

I will likely add commentary to the dinosaur mailing lists' web pages
soon, so check www.dinosaurmailinglist.org next week if you're
interested.  Anyways, please do not respond to this message via the
dinosaur list.  If you want to say something publicly about list
administration, discuss it with me and/or Mary first, or write to

The short version:

In response to my call for a vote, five people chose my option "a", 36
people chose my option "b", and nine people wrote without clearly
choosing one option or the other.  As a reminder, the options were
(describing how you wanted me to behave toward Mr. Kinman):

       a) Stop complaining to Mr. Kinman about his messages to the
       dinosaur list except when his violations of policy are
       essentially inarguable.


       b) Try even harder to prevent Mr. Kinman from pushing his
       politics on the list.

The medium version:

The five people who clearly indicated a desire for me to leave
Mr. Kinman alone appeared to have been motivated universally by a
desire for us all to maintain the right to free speech (two of the
five were explicit on this point).  Personally, I may disagree with
everything Mr. Kinman says, and I will fight to the death his right to
express himself.  But I will not stand up for his privilege to express
himself on any topic anywhere he sees fit.  It is not okay to yell
"movie" in a crowded firehouse.

Of the 36 people who voted "b", seven went out of their way to ask for
his immediate removal from the list even though I did not ask for
opinions on that subject.

I have just created a new mailing list:



I am presently the owner of that list, but I will gladly hand it off
to the first person who asks for it.  If you ever want to discuss the
KinmanSystem, please do so there.

I have not yet responded to all who voted, but I intend to.  You
should rest assured that your vote was counted even if your name is
similar to the name of someone who might have been convicted of a
felony in another state.  Mary's vote and mine were not counted,
however.  Having recently been guilty of cloning around, we do not
consider each other to be in the same category as most fine,
upstanding citizens.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)