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Re: Troodontid material Requested

> I am searching for images of skeletal material of
> Araucanoraptor

Good luck -- it's undescribed. :-)

umm... ok. then i delete that one from the list...

> Archaeornithoides

Only a skull is known.

good! skulls are nice.

> Borogovia

Only 2 feet are known AFAIK.

i know, but it would still be nice to have reliable restorations of them.

> Troodon

I've seen surprisingly few... There is a photo that shows several mounted
skeleton( cast)s in a David Lambert book from 1993, don't know how reliable
that is.

hmmm... skeleton casts aren't the most reliable, because the missing parts are filled in my people like you and me.
restorations of the only remains are the most valuable, at least thats my opinion.

still, if anyone's got nice restorations of
Archaeornithoides skull, Borogovias feet or Troodons remains, i'd appreciate that a lot

thanx again:)

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|-Amateur Palæontologist
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