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Re: Help: Troodontid material Requested

Øyvind M. Padron (gorgosaur@hotmail.com) wrote:

<Just some minutes ago my slow mind remembered that i actually haven't got
one single diagram over the actual skeletal material from Troodon

  This is probably because there are no postcranial remains of *Troodon*
... The type is a tooth and so far, all the material referred to *Troodon*
corresponds to material formerly called *Polyodontosaurus* (a dentary) and
*Stenonychosaurus* (the postcrania and skull, also with a refered
maxilla), but none of which actually preserves the tooth morphotype
(considered to be a premaxillary). In fact, no troodontid premaxilla or
jaw preserves this tooth type, and the assumption was made that *Troodon*
and *Stenonychosaurus* (along with *Polyodontosaurus*) were synonymous on
general considerations that only one troodontid could exist throught the
Judith River Group. The Two Medicine Formation, roughly contemporaneous to
the lower Judith River (Dinosaur Park Formation), preserves undescribed
material that may clear this up....

Jaime A. Headden

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