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Re: Torvosaurus (or Megalosaurus) in Europe?

Paul Cambridge wrote-

> I'm wondering if someone could tell me if Torvosaurus was found to inhabit
Europe, or
> was it actually just Megalosaurus? I know that there have been disputes
about the two,
> and I know Megalosaurus was infact in Europe. But was Torvo just in the
U.S.? The
> Dinodata website says Torvosaurus sp. was late Jurassic Iberian
Penninsula. If so, what is > the dispute about?

Torvosaurus tanneri is only known from the Morrison Formation of the US.  A
tibia from the "Gres Superiores" Formation of Portugal has been referred to
Torvosaurus sp. though (see
http://www.dinodata.net/lusodinos/Torvosaurus.htm ).  Megalosaurus bucklandi
is currently only recognized from the Stonesfield Slates of England, though
restudy in progress may expand this distribution to more of Middle Jurassic
Europe.  Paul's sinking of Torvosaurus into Megalosaurus as Megalosaurus
tanneri has not been generally accepted.

Mickey Mortimer