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DML and Megapnosaurus in USA Today

Picked up a USA Today in the airport yesterday afternoon (March 11) to check
out the NCAA Tourney bracket (Cal is so gonna win the whole thing), and what
should I find but an article on the dinosaur formally known as Syntarsus!
And yes, right here in the fifth paragraph it even mentions a certain
"dinosaur discussion list on the Internet". It even quoted from messages,
like the one someone forwarded from Mike Raath.

Seemed to be slightly in favor of Ivie, sort of casting a "young, fun-loving
taxonoclast jerks around some humorless, staid paleo-traditionalists" light
on the story. But the author did present both sides of the issue and it was
a decent article as far as bias goes, I guess. Accuracy was another issue,
eg "...English pop-culture references potentially confusing to foreign
scientists, like Bambiraptor." And the little feature box on other quirky
scientific names was a mess. Grrr! We can do better than this!

Mike D.