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Re: DML and Megapnosaurus in USA Today

> Accuracy was another issue,
> eg "...English pop-culture references potentially confusing to foreign
> scientists, like Bambiraptor."

Wrong for 2 reasons -- firstly, Disney has made Bambi world-famous long ago,
secondly, he didn't invent it. (Though in the original Bambi is a roe,
*Capreolus capreolus*; because this species doesn't exist outside of
Eurasia, Disney changed it into what's called an elk in the USA (and Wapiti
at least in German... can't find the Linnaean name). This is how all those
field animals, such as rabbits, ended up in the forest.)

> And the little feature box on other quirky
> scientific names was a mess. Grrr! We can do better than this!

I hope they mentioned the biostratigraphic fossil *Zigzagiceras
(Zigzagiceras) zigzag*? :-)