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Re: Into the Mouths of Tyrannosaurs...

The only way to study big T safely is to dart him with some tranquilizer, no make that lots of tranquilizer.  Anyone who works near the mouth ought to be careful though, a whiff of T .rex breath will probably tip that person over!   Does anyone think since T .rex is related to birds that they are extremely hard to kill?  I've heard of chickens and ostriches running around and causing trouble quite long after their heads are off!!   Why is that?  Do they have a special nervous system or something?

I remember reading The dinosaur Heseries (?) where at the end of this one chapter, Robert Bakker claims that any adult human can beat a T .rex at arm wrestling.   I couldn't believe it! :)   The arms were probably used when the Tyrannosaurus were gettin' freaky, and gettin' down.  Or they can also have this arm wrestling tournament (like in that one Stallone movie) where they establish dominance and win cash.