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Gorgosaurus Skull Cast

Does anyone know where I can get a cast replica of the
Juvenile Gorgosaurus libratus skull of AMNH's specimen
formerly known as Gorgosaurus sternbergi? Whitmer has
one on his site. and the only other one I ever saw
available was a plaster one on an internet auction
three years ago. Which I came in second in AAAHHH! The
seller did not know who made it. 

I already have DINOLAB's gorgosaurus libratus. There
is just some really neat about that AMNH skull. AMNH
longer has a reproduction department. 

While I'm at it...

Any leads on the following (NO Sculptures please):

Eoraptor skull (complete cast of both sides only)
Marshosaurus Maxilla and Dentary
Stegoceras validum ( Sternberg's complete skull)
Gargoyleosaurus skull

Anyones help would be greatly appreciated!

Henry Mendoza

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