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Re: DML and Megapnosaurus in USA Today

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Michael de Sosa wrote:
> Picked up a USA Today in the airport yesterday afternoon (March 11) to check
> out the NCAA Tourney bracket (Cal is so gonna win the whole thing), and what
> should I find but an article on the dinosaur formally known as Syntarsus!
> And yes, right here in the fifth paragraph it even mentions a certain
> "dinosaur discussion list on the Internet". It even quoted from messages,
> like the one someone forwarded from Mike Raath.
> Seemed to be slightly in favor of Ivie, sort of casting a "young, fun-loving
> taxonoclast jerks around some humorless, staid paleo-traditionalists" light
> on the story. But the author did present both sides of the issue and it was
> a decent article as far as bias goes, I guess. Accuracy was another issue,
> eg "...English pop-culture references potentially confusing to foreign
> scientists, like Bambiraptor." And the little feature box on other quirky
> scientific names was a mess. Grrr! We can do better than this!

I believe this is the USA Today article in question: