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Re: Byronosaurus

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From: Fam Jansma
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 8:57 PM
Subject: Byronosaurus

>Hi all,
>I am wondering how much is known from the postcranial material of Byronosaurs, since on every site >documenting this genus it is stated two specimens are known: one with a skull and one with some postcranial >material. It was described in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, don't know how much of it, but it must >have contained some info regarding this material. Could anyone please send me pictures of the postcranial >material described in that paper?
Byronosaurus jaffei Norell, Makovicky, and Clark, 2000
HoloType: IGM 100/983 consist of a fragmentary skull and postcranial bones, the skull is preserved in two parts, and the postcranial element were collected as surface float below the skull along with the partial remains of an Ornithomimid. The postcranial element consist of the axis, two anterior cervicals, dorsals, sacral and four caudals. The preserved portion of the hindlimb include part of the femoral shaft, the knee, distal end of metatarsal III, and three phalanges.
Referred Material: IGM 100/984 consist of a fragmentary rostrum that preserved important features not present in IGM 100/983, including a secondary bony palate formed by premaxillary and maxillary shelves and the vomer. IGM 100/984 can be referred to Byronosaurus jaffei on the basis of enlarged accessory antorbital fenestra, dentary labial foramina situated in a horizontal groove, presence of an infated para-basisphenoid.
Additional Byronosaurus material were collected during the 1994 and 1995 field seasons as float.
In regard to the characters in common with Byronosaurus and Alvarezsaurs, Norell et al. mentioned that the best preserved dorsal centra bears a deep rounded hypapophyses, similar to that in Mononykus olecranus.
Unfortunately for you in the paper there are no pictures of the postcranial material.
Alessandro Marisa