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Re: ilokelesia & nigersaurus

david van zant wrote-

> Anyone got photos or skeletal reconstructions of this
> theropod. or where i could find some good information.
> Also did anyone knows when it's going to be
> nigersaurus described.

Here are the figures of Ilokelesia..... (in personal reply)
Nigersaurus was described in-
Sereno, P.C, Allison L. Beck, D. B. Dutheil, H.C. E. Larsson, G. H. Lyon, B.
M., Rudyard W., Sadleir, C., Sidor, A., Varricchio, D.J. Wilson, G.P and
Wilson, J. A. (1999) Cretaceous Sauropods from the Sahara and the Uneven
Rate of Skeletal Evolution Among Dinosaurs Science 286(5443): 1342-1347 [Nov
12 1999]

Mickey Mortimer