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Re: T rex ARM WRE... :-)))

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From: "Ray Stanford" <dinotracker@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 10:19 AM
Subject: T rex ARM WRE... :-)))

>     Jonathan, lurker and party pooper, you have just spoiled (preempted)
> super secret scene from the final episode of JP, wherein two Tyrannosaurus
> rex compete in an ARM WRESTLING bout, for the right ambush a certain
> paleontologist who called them scavengers. :-o
>     :-)))
>     Ray Stanford

Don't get me started on JP.  My family just watched JP 3 last night on DVD.
While it has its good points its still the most unbelievable of the JP
movies yet.  From the fight between T. rex and Spino to the single minded
obsession of the creature with chasing down people to the loudest cell phone
on Earth it was one silly scene after another.  Nothing the animals did made
sense, though much can be forgiven with Grant's qoute that these creatures
aren't really dinosaurs but genetically engineered monsters.

What confused me the most were the comments on the special features.  Jack
Horner was interviewed a lot and was qouted saying things like "in recent
years we've discovered good skulls of Velociraptor" and then saying they
changed the design of the head because of that.  To my knowledge good skulls
and skeletons of Velociraptor have been known for many years, indeed it was
the first complete raptor found.  Not to mention that the "raptors" in JP
still look nothing like real Velociraptors.  There's the size  of course,
the proportions, and the head is way too large and bulky.  And those pin
needle crests of skin on the neck are the poorest excuses for feathers I've
ever seen.  THe real Velociraptor was a beautiful and powerful animal as
long and twice as deadly as a leopard.  Just looking at its body you can
tell how agile it must of been... why must Hollywood change it to suite
their ideas of scary.

Jack Horner also said that Spinosaurus was a far more powerful animal than
T. rex and far larger.  I thought that Spinosaurus was only longer, that it
was actually quite delicate and lightly built in comparison to rex.

>From what I can tell the main message of the DVD's extra features was "we
did the research, we have paleontologists backing us, believe what we say is
accurate."  What scares me is how many people out there are going to believe
all this.

My question, why would a reputable paleontologists say these things?  I have
great respect for him but am losing it fast.