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RE: Into the Mouths of Tyrannosaurs

Oh, I'm sure that on occasion adults who did not know each other went at it with their mouths..... Territory disputes.... Fights over mating rights..... War over kills.... etc..... Sue is a good example of one that some think might have been the end result of such"nice" face biting.... though this is still being argued about..... And the evidence of healing doesn't really indicate when the bite actually occurred. Sure, it was healing, and you can play games all you want about how fast the repair to the damage was.... but then you don't know if the healing had stopped... or if it was still continuing when the animal died. Most of the time, punctures in bone simply heal a bit, bone surfaces being smoothed over, without the hole being completely closed. Of the close-ups that I have seen of teeth punctures in various fossil and modern bone, this appears to be the case.... Like I said, the results still would ha! ! ve been pretty nasty regardless at how "careful" the animals would have been with each other.... In fact.... the entire idea that they would have been "kind" to each other once physical combat was initiated really doesn't make any sense.... Usually, once physical confrontation insues between two individuals who mean nothing to each other, as in not members of the same family group and etc, the fight continues until one animal either runs away or is dead... Sure, Mom and Dad might have went at it at times, grabbing each other's lower jaw to show their disenchantment with marital affairs... That is if they were even monogamous or stuck with each other for a lengthy amount of time during mating and etc... Way too much speculation can go on here...... This is why kiddy fights make more sense to me.... Just like birds, these would have been disputes over sibling dominance and would have been short-lived skirmishes simply because of the context.... Bone scars that you receive when y! ! ou are young don't heal over completely after the healing stopped simply because you grow older...... Of course we could have also practiced driving away or killing our brothers and sisters so as to get the full, undivided attention of Mommy and Daddy like many birds do today.... The possibilities are endless.....