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Quoting henry mendoza <hxmendoza@yahoo.com>:

> Hi Dr. Holtz
> Thought:
> No one has ever made mention of a feature on
> Daspletosaurs teeth which I believe may be diagnostic.
> A few years back I purchased a Cast of a
> Daspletosaurus tooth from the Museum of the Rockies. I
> immediately noticed how far down to the base the
> anterior serration line goes down, about 4/5 too the
> level of the end of the posterior serrations.
> Since then I have noticed this same feature on all the
> supposed Dapletosaurus teeth and tooth cast that i hve
> looked at. T. rex and albertosaur/gorgosaur teeth
> predominantly have serations that either go down
> half-way to the base or 2/3 the way down in relation
> to the posterior serration. In a close up, face on pic
> i saw of the type Daspletosaurus mount's skull I can
> clearly see this same trait!
> Yet I have never seen thisissue discussed anywhere! 
> Comments?
> Henry Mendoza
This IS an interesting feature to be sure.  Too bad it isn't restrictred 
to tyrannosaurids....


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