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Re: Megalosaurus = Torvosaurus in Europe

Stephan Pickering wrote-
Streptospondylus is close to (if not synonymous with) Allosaurus, and it is not a Megalosauridae taxon,  but, again, we are dealing with hypodigms of often just one individual, whereas Allosaurus, to be sure, is known from growth series.
I would seriously doubt this, based on Allain's recent redescription of S. altdorfensis.  The latter is more similar to Eustreptospondylus (=Magnosaurus?) because it shows- paired hypapophyses; no ventral keel on dorsal centra; dorsal centra much longer than tall; poorly developed pubic boot; no posteromedial astragalar process.
> Also in this clade is Metriacanthosaurus  shangyouensis (Dong et al. 1978).  
Sinraptor dongi, S. hepingensis and Y. magnus should be in there too then, as Rauhut (2000) found them so similar as to be potenetially synonymous.  Of course, these taxa are allosauroids (by definition), so unless megalosaurs end up next to sinraptorids, I don't think your results will be held up.

> Metriacanthosaurus reynoldsi, M. brevis, Megalosaurus phillipsi
What are these taxa?
Mickey Mortimer