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<<The latter is more similar to Eustreptospondylus (=Magnosaurus?) because
<<it shows- paired hypapophyses;>

<  Just to clarify, these are called carotid processes by Allain...

Really?? I read carefully my paper and I don't find any mention of carotid

> Metriacanthosaurus reynoldsi, M. brevis, Megalosaurus phillipsi. What are
>these taxa?

Metriacanthosaurus brevis is based  on the ilium BMNH 31811 from the
Stonesfield Slate. This ilium is indeed very similar to that of
Metriacanthosaurus parkeri. The name has been coined by Welles but is not

Concerning the phylogenetic affinities of Metriacanthosaurus,
Streptospondylus, Eustreptsopondylus, Poekilopleuron and other megalosaurs,
I am performing a new phylogeny which will be produced at the 62nd Annual
Meeting of the SVP. Be patient...



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