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RE: Megalosaurus = Torvosaurus in Europe

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\uc1\pard\plain\deftab360 \f0\fs20\cf0 I've read the text from HP Allain in French about _Streptospondylus altdorfensis_ and the translation (of course), there's no "carotid process" mentionned.  May be it's from another paper?\par
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Mickey Mortimer (Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com) wrote:\par
<The latter is more similar to Eustreptospondylus (=Magnosaurus?) because\par
it shows- paired hypapophyses;>\par
  Just to clarify, these are called carotid processes by Allain, not\par
hypapophyses, and many other bird researchers (including Kurzanov) use the\par
same terminology; and as I believe the latter term is restricted to the\par
single ventral process as in birds, not as in mammals. Homologies in\par
mammal and bird vertebrae may cause the terms to become problematic:\par
  Mammals have carotid processes, but these are formed from the\par
parapophyses, and this is why the lacuna between cervical rib and centra,\par
provided by the par- and diapophyses are called carotid foramina. This\par
latter is true for birds, as well. Loss of cervical ribs in mammals\par
results in a muscular effect for the parapophyses, and the carotid\par
arteries run parallel to these structures. Hypapophyses lie medial to the\par
parapophyses, and in this the processes of Allain are not carotid processes.\par
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