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Re: GAIA - Theropod Volume

This has been held back twice due to a subscription problem; Octavio,
so far as I can tell, you are not currently subscribed to the list, so
I presume you're reading the archives?  For everyone else, my guess is
you'll have to act quickly if you want to take advantage of this
offer.  -- MPR

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Subject: GAIA - Theropod Volume
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:04:53 -0000


    Because so many people ask me for GAIA, and because the scarcity of
the GAIA vol. 15 "Aspects of Theropod Paleobiology", I have decide to
get a few of them.
    Therefore, if someone is interested to obtain the GAIA "Aspects of
Theropod Paleobiology" please contact me off-list.

    The contents are:

Holtz, T.R., Jr. Theropod paleobiology: more than just bird origins.

Holtz, T.R., Jr. A new phylogeny of the carnivorous dinosaurs. 5-61.

Heckert, A.B. & S.G. Lucas. Global correlation of the Triassic theropod
record. 63-74.

Rauhut, O.M.W. & A. Hungerbuhler. A review of European Triassic
theropods. 75-88.

Coria, R.A. & L. Salgado.  A basal Abelisauria Novas 1992
(Theropoda-Ceratosauria) from the Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina.

Jones, R.(R.) & D.J. Chure. The recapitation of a Late Jurassic theropod
dinosaur: a successful application of radiological surveying for
locating subsurface fossilized bone. 103-110.

Rich, T.H., P. Vickers-Rich, F.E. Novas, R.Cuneo, P. Puerta & R. Vacca.
Theropods from the "middle" Cretaceous Chubut Group of the San Jorge
sedimentary basin, central Patagonia. A preliminary note. 111-115.

Calvo, J.O. & R. Coria.  New specimen of _Giganotosaurus carolinii_
(Coria & Salgado, 1995) supports it as the largest theropod ever found.

Ryan, M.J., P.J. Currie, J.D. Gardner, M.K. Vickaryous & J.M. Lavigne.
Baby hadrosaurid material associated with an unusually high abundance of
_Troodon_ teeth from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Upper Cretaceous,
Alberta.  123-133.

Carpenter, K. Evidence of predatory behavior by carnivorous dinosaurs.

Bakker, R.T. Brontosaur killers: Late Jurassic allosaurids as
sabre-tooth cat analogues.  145-158.

Holtz, T.R., Jr., D.L. Brinkman & C.L. Chandler.  Denticle morphometrics
and a possibly omnivorous feeding habit for the theropod dinosaur
_Troodon_. 159-166.

Tanke, D. & P.J. Currie. Head-biting behavior in theropod dinosaurs:
paleobathological evidence. 167-184.

Mazzetta, G.V., R.A. Farina & S.F. Vizcaino. On the paleobiology of the
South American horned theropod _Carnotaurus sastrei_ Bonaparte.

Molnar, R.E. Mechanical factors in the design of the skull of
_Tyrannosaurus rex_ (Osborn, 1905). 193-218.

Henderson, D.H. Skull and tooth morphology as indicators of niche
partitioning in sympatric Morrison Formation theropods.  219-226.

Chure, D.J., A.R. Fiorillo & A. Jacobsen.  Prey bone utilization by
predatory dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic of North America, with comments
on prey bone use by dinosaurs throughout the Mesozoic. 227-232.

Chure, D.J. On the oribit of theropod dinosaurs. 233-240.

Christiansen, P. Strength indicator values of theropod long bones, with
comments on limb proportions and cursorial potential. 241-255.

Paul, G.S. Limb design, function and running performance in
ostrich-mimics and tyrannosaurs. 257-270.

Currie, P.J. Possible evidence of gregarious behavior in tyrannosaurids.

Lockley, M. Philosophical perspectives on theropod track morphology:
blending qualities and quantities in the science of ichnology. 279-300.

Thulborn, T. Australia's earliest theropods: footprint evidence in the
Ipswich Coal Measures (Upper Triassic) of Queensland. 301-311.

Lockley, M.G., C.A. Meyer & V.F. dos Santos. _Megalosauripus_ and the
problematic concept of megalosaur footprints. 313-337.

Lockley, M.G., C.A. Meyer & J.J. Moratalla. _Therangospodus_: trackway
evidence for the widespread distribution of a Late Jurassic theropod
with well-padded feet. 339-353.

Dalla Vecchia, F.M. Theropod footprints in the Cretaceous
Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform (Italy and Croatia). 355-367.

Carvalho, I.S. & E. Pedrao. Brazilian theropods from the equatorial
Atlantic margin: behavior and environmental setting. 369-378.

Loyal, R.S., D.M. Mohabey, A. Khosla & A. Sahni. Status and paleobiology
of the Late Cretaceous Indivian theropods with description of a new
theropod eggshell oogenus and oospecies, _Ellipsoolithus khedaensis_,
from the Lameta Formation, District Kheda, Gujarat, western India.

Larson, P.L. The theropod reproductive system. 389-397.

Griffiths, P.J. The evolution of feathers from dinosaur hair. 399-403.

Best regards,

                 Octavio Mateus

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