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Possibility of living dinosaurs?

To the list:

Recently, my research team at Burksworth College has been adamently involved in a new topic of study: the anatomical comparison involving several "extinct" species of dinosaurs with the common mule. Now as i'm sure you all know, a mule is a sterile hybrid of a horse and a donkey. With this seemingly common fact, our research team has skewed the perspective a bit, and taken on a slightly different approach on the study of the mule. Now from the elaborate research we have conducted, (our various procedures and results I will unveil when we reach a presentable stage in our study) we have seen similarities in anatomy, DNA, and phylogenetic traits. As this may seem a little far fetched, our team is proposing that several variations of dinosaur species have taken form in what we commonly refer to today as "horses" and "donkeys," able to spawn the true DNA of the prehistoric dinosaur under the camoflauge of a common mule. How some of the giant dinosaurs are so miraculously concealed we have not yet been able to find, but we are not suprised that the dinosaurs, when the select few that were able to obtain the technology to do so, were not technologically advanced to perhaps find a more intimidating or abundant species, but perhaps this is what gave them the edge on remaining stealthed for so long. I look forward on any responses i will elicit from all of you.

      David Addams, PhD.
      Burksworth College MASS.

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