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RE: Possibility of living dinosaurs?

David Addams wrote:

> Recently, my research team at Burksworth College has been adamently
> involved in a new topic of study: the anatomical comparison involving 
> several "extinct" species of dinosaurs with the common mule.   [snip]
> Now from the elaborate research we have conducted, (our various
> procedures and results I will unveil when we reach a presentable stage 
> in our study) we have seen similarities in anatomy, DNA, and 
> phylogenetic traits.  As this may seem a little far fetched, our team 
> is proposing that several variations of dinosaur species have taken 
> form in what we commonly refer to today as "horses" and "donkeys," able 
> to spawn the true DNA of the prehistoric dinosaur under the camoflauge 
> of a common mule.  

Best of luck with your research at the prestigious (albeit non-existent)
Burksworth College.

(Check your calender, mate.  April 1 is over two weeks away.)



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