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South American ceratopsians - 2nd try

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I am resubmitting this to the list after receiving a note from Mary Kirkaldy indicating that my original choice of font and color might be unreadable to some.

"I am currently reading Michael Novacek's book "Time Traveler."  On page 189 he states, "In south America, sauropods persisted as giant denizens of the Cretaceous landscape, with much more modest incursions of hadrosaurs and ceratopsians."  What ceratopsians are known from South America?  How far down did their "modest incursion" go?  By the way, I like the book.  It is more of an autobiography than anything else and is a good look at the dangers and delights of being a field paleontologist!  Oh, if I were only a young man again with functioning knees...."

Thanks again for any help,
Rik Chandler
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