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Re: South American ceratopsians

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 23:13:16  
 Alessandro Marisa wrote:
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>Subject: South American ceratopsians
>>I am currently reading Michael Novacek's book "Time Traveler."  On page 189 
>>he states, "In South America, sauropods >persisted as giant denizens of the 
>>Cretaceous landscape, with much more modest incursions of hadrosaurs and 
>>>ceratopsians."  What ceratopsians are known from South America?  
>The only Ceratopsian that I known from South America is Notoceratops.
>Genus: Notoceratops  Tapia, 1918 [nomen dubium]
>Type Species: Notoceratops bonarelli  Tapia, 1918 
>Unnamed Formation (Late Cretaceous (?Campanian), Chubut, Argentina.
>HoloType: fragmentary left dentary [?now lost?]
>Diagnosis of genus and species not published

I've seen this animal listed simply as Ornithischia incertae sedis.  As far as 
I know, there is no unequivocal South American ceratopsian known, but I could 
very well be mistaken.  

On another note, I just finished reading Novacek's book and was impressed by 
it.  Certainly it isn't a book to read if one hopes to learn a whole lot about 
dinosaurs and Mesozoic/Tertiary mammals.  However, as was mentioned, the book 
is basically an autobiography and contains many interesting field stories (yes, 
it is dangerous to be a field paleontologist).  It's a quick read...and another 
piece of excellent writing by Michael Novacek.


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