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Re: Albertosaurus libratus questions

On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 05:42:42PM -0500, Nicholas Gardner sent:
> >Anyone got any idea why the picket fence pre-maxillary teeth?
> Grooming.  How about grooming?  Sounds good to me.  The thought hit me 
> awhile back in November.  Maybe for grooming of feather tufts in the skin.  
> I was also thinking beaks at the same time.  Although, I was thinking it 
> for another reason.

Grooming with incisors takes top and bottom ones; these would be fine
for the top, only there aren't any bottom ones, that's the usual
theropod jaw with the loosely linked dentaries forming a V shape.  I
can't think of any way that grooming with just the top of the jaw would
work; the teeth are too closely spaced to be imagined as a comb.

I can almost picture use as a flesh-scraper, to get meat out of
convexities of a carcass, but that would have to be almost purely a neck
motion and it doesn't seem entirely worth it, engergetically or

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