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Re: Biological Origin of Earliest Fossils Substantiated

> > Wonder if they could use this on the Mars "fossils"?
> Nope.  These are likely the Warrawoona stromatolites,

Didn't the question concern the possibility to use Raman spectroscopy on the
concr... conta... "fossils" in that Mars meteorite?

> which are dated to 3.5
> Ga; these stromatolites are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, direct
> evidences of life on Earth.  The oldest indirect evidence for life is the
> banded iron deposits in Isua, Greenland, dated to 3.8 Ga.  I believe
> also bundant Carbon 12 there, as well.

Somewhere in Australia there's a place that's enriched in 12C (and, if I've
correctly understood the paleobotany professor, 34S) and 3.85 Ga old (the
number looks like a pun was intended). This is currently considered the
oldest evidence for life.