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Wadi Milk Dromaeosaurid

Quoting Mickey Mortimer <Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com>:

> david van zant wrote-
> > can anyone give me some information about the
> > dromeasauride discovered in sudan.
> unnamed Velociraptorine (Rauhut and Werner 1995)
> Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous
> Wadi Milk Formation, Sudan
> Description- 20 serrations per 5 mm on anterior carina; 15
> serrations per 5
> mm on posterior carina.
> Material- (Vb-713) pedal phalanx II-2 (36 mm)
> (Vb-714) pedal ungual II
> (Vb-860) pedal ungual II
> (Vb-866) pedal ungual III
> (Vb-868) pedal ungual III
> (Vb-875) tooth (8.3 mm)
> Mickey Mortimer

I have some revised data from Vb-875, since it is currently sitting in 
my office, but I am not putting most of it out there on the DML since it 
is part of a manuscript I have in prep. concerning this beast.  However, 
for the data that were presented in Rauhut and Werner, 1995:

Crown Height (extrapolated using image analysis software to my best 
approximation of where the actual distal part of the crown base was; 
this part of the crown is broken): 8.45mm 

Average denticle density per 5mm on the mesial carina (roughly 
equivelent to "anterior."  Calculated from counts taken, with a mm 
calibrated 10x hand lens, at the base, apex, and midpoint of the carina, 
and thus accounting for variation in denticle size within the overall 
length of the carina): 24.3 denticles per 5mm

Average denticle density per 5mm on the distal carina (roughly 
equivelent to "posterior."  calculated in the same manner as for the 
mesial carina): 17.3 denticles per 5mm
These data are all averages of 5 replicates of each measurement.  


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