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Re: "sudanese dromeasauride"

> > Material- (Vb-713) pedal phalanx II-2 (36 mm)
> > (Vb-714) pedal ungual II
> > (Vb-860) pedal ungual II
> > (Vb-866) pedal ungual III
> > (Vb-868) pedal ungual III
> > (Vb-875) tooth (8.3 mm)
> > 
> > Mickey Mortimer
> Are any of the above elements figured anywhere. What's
> the journal?
> Thanks!
> Henry Mendoza
Rauhut, O. W. M., and C. Werner. 1995. First record of the family 
Dromaeosauridae (Dinosauria: Theropoda) in the Cretaceous of Gondwana 
(Wadi Milk Formation, northern Sudan).  Paläontologische Zeitshrift 

Some figures of the pedal phalanges, two figures of the tooth.


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