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Re: Fossil sites in New Mexico

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002 08:27:03  
 Jura wrote:
>Greetings all, 
>I'm looking for any books or references to fossil sites in New Mexico; 
>especially Southern New Mexico.
>So far, all I've come across is Ghost Ranch and the Seismosaur site. If anyone 
>has any useful references for this state, I would be most grateful.

Spencer Lucas wrote a nice little book on New Mexico's dinosaurs (ref: Lucas, 
S.G. 1993. Dinosaurs of New Mexico. New Mexico Academy of Science, New Mexico 
Journal of Science 32.)  The book contains a lot of information on New Mexican 
dinosaurs, plus 200 or so references that will help lead to other papers and 
books on the subject.  

In terms of Southern New Mexico, there isn't a whole lot of dinosaur-bearing 
rock.  Most of the productive rock comes from the northeast and northwest 
portions of the state (where Ghost Ranch and the "Seismosaurus" quarry are 
located).  There are some Triassic rocks located in southeast New Mexico (the 
Moenkopi strata, I believe).  Triassic dinosaurs from this layer include 
_Revueltosaurus_, and some footprints are known.  As far as I know, Jurassic 
layers are virtually unknown for the southern half of the state.  Cretaceous 
strata are rare in the southeast, but there are some isolated outcrops in the 
southwest (the Ringbone Formation).

In order to learn more I would try to locate Lucas' book.  I would also 
recommend many of the excellent publications produced by the New Mexico Museum 
of Natural History.


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