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Peeking into ancient dinosaur nests, Stand up for the scum, Larne Sea Dragons - Dinosaurnews

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**  Palaeontologists Find Jurassic Fossil
Palaeontologists working in Patagonia have found the tiny fossil jaw that
may be the first evidence of early mammals in South America

**  Dinosaurs found sealed in 200 million-year-old rock
The Larne 'sea dragons' were originally discovered by Brian McKee, a mature
student at Queen's University, while on a field trip in June 1999

**  Prehistoric tourism programme begins to take shape
Interior Minister Purachai Piumsombun plans to develop a tourism scheme
around a region of the Northeast abundant in dinosaur fossils

**  Isle of Wight find is a monster clue to Europe's past
Scientists have identified a single vertebra found on the island in 1888 as
belonging to an oviraptor, a feathered and beaked dinosaur from 120 million
years ago

**  Feature site - Hunting Down Big Al
Allosaurs were made for rapid movement and armed with dagger-like teeth - a
formidable killing machine and a ferocious hunter


**  Peeking into ancient dinosaur nests
Even more stunning, among the thousands of 80 million-year-old sauropod
eggs, each the size of a softball, were preserved embryos - from the Field
exhibit 'Tiny Giants'

**  Dinosaur's favourite snack makes hardy garden plant
If your children were energized by "Jurassic Park" and dino action toys are
a big hit at your house, there's a way to bring the paleo-world into your
real-world back yard

**  Did mammals spread out from an Asian Eden?
If these mammals originated in Asia, their fossils should appear earlier in
Asia than in North America and Europe

**  Stand up for the scum
Remarkable claims require remarkable evidence, and ever since the original
report, the knives have been out for the Apex cherts

**  Summer Programmes 2002
Take a day dig with the Royal Tyrrell  Museum and join them on a dinosaur
excavation at a new site in the Drumheller Valley

**  Dinosaur fossil may be link to modern birds
Evidence of feathered theropods has been fuzzy, but the scientists writing
in Nature say the new fossil makes the picture clearer

**  Tyrannosaurus rex: See how they run
The top speed of this famously dangerous dinosaur, immortalized in action
movies and children's minds, is closer to a swift walk than the sprint you
might expect.  AUDIO: Should T. rex try out for the track team?

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