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Re: Sulfate 'n soot kills dinos!

> *****There is some reason to believe that the Van Allen Radiation Belts
> surround a large portion of the planet are a fairly recent addition (or
> re-addition).


> The bolide would likely have stripped away major portions
> whatever version of the radiation belts,


> In
> addition, the magnetic field MAY have been temporarily altered, especially
> if there was a high iron content in the bolide,

There wasn't. Judging from the splinter that fell into the Pacific, it was a
carbonaceous chondrite. :-) If the P-Tr bolide was as nickel-rich as
suggested recently, however, then something in that direction might have
happened at that time.

> and the impact might have
> added a minor wobble to the earth's spin, at least in comparison to the
> prior to the impact.

I guess it's too small... the math should be pretty easy, though.

> *****There have been reports that buckyballs had been found at the K-T
> boundary, however, the likelihood of some form of contamination was high.

I see.

> (I'm sorry if this part is unclear,

it isn't

> it's very late for me [6:00 AM]).