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misleading virus warning

Warning: New Virus "From Microsoft"

 I have been getting a lot of people sending me email with a warning
about a virus they have received with a spoofed Microsoft return
address. It came with a W32.Gibe.dam infected attachment (q 2 1 6 3 0 9
. e x e).

 The copy in the email starts with:

 To: "Microsoft Customer" <'customer@yourdomain.com'>
 Subject: Internet Security Update
 Microsoft Customer,
 This is the latest version of security update, the known security
 vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer and MS Outlook/Express as
 well as six new vulnerabilities, and is discussed in Microsoft Security

 Bulletin MS02-005. Install now to protect your computer from these
 vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow an attacker to
 run code on your computer.

 Of course everyone of us knows that no one should EVER touch an exe
file that we did not specifically ask for, but clueless users might be
tempted to run this at home or at work if your email sanity scanner is
busted and lets the exe
 through. You might want to send another general warning out to users,
with this one as a recent example. We do this every monday morning at
staff meeting, a reminder to not open any attachments they not
specifically asked for.
 Repetition is the only way to make sure everyone remembers.