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R: Isle of Wight oviraptor

Ken wrote:

>      I assume that article is discussing Thecocoelurus.
>      I'm just wondering why Thecocoelurus couldn't just as easily be
> as a segnosaurian, rather than a large oviraptorosaur.
>          -------- Ken

***** IIRC, big oviraptorosaurs were already known, ; I seem to remember
"oversized" caenagnatid (Chirostenotes?) pubes from Canada probably
belonging to a fairly big animal (5-6 m ? [may be really wrong on this,
please anyone correct me if this is the case]).
Furthermore, despite the fact that I know almost nothing about Thecocoelurus
anatomy in particular and can't therefore discuss it, I think there's no
reason to doubt of this placement only because of the "unusually" big size
_if_ unambiguous characters pointing to a different conclusion are present.


Filippo Calzolari