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Re: a little background

Michael Habib wrote:
> I also find it unlikely that an animal with as much firepower per unit
> size as Velociraptor or Deinonychus would be a small-game hunter.
> Despite the light build of the jaw weaponry, it would be more than
> sufficient to kill small mammals and reptiles.

Have you ever tried to corner a wild cat? They have way more "fire
power" than required to take down the average bird or mouse. It is,
however, good for defence against others of its own species, or larger

In Australia, we have birds known as Willy Wag Tails that are about the
size of a swallow. They successfully use intimidation to ward off much
larger birds (especially nest robbers like magpies). Magpie Larks also
have an instinctual hatred of magpies, and will attack these much larger
birds at every opportunity. Dromaeosaurs don't seem to have been the
fastest runners. Perhaps the dromaeosaur armoury was intended to
intimidate larger, perhaps faster running predators.


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