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Re: R: Isle of Wight oviraptor

I am not questioning it just because of its size. I am mainly questioning it because segnosaurians also have vertebrae with similar characteristics (the form of the ventral sulcus is on the list of proposed enigmosaur synapomorphies). And as Stephan noted, there isn't much to work with, so I think there is still plenty of room for ambiguity and doubt.
------- Ken
calzola wrote:

Ken wrote:

> I assume that article is discussing Thecocoelurus. > I'm just wondering why Thecocoelurus couldn't just as easily be viewed as a segnosaurian, rather than a large oviraptorosaur. > -------- Ken

***** IIRC, big oviraptorosaurs were already known, ; I seem to remember
"oversized" caenagnatid (Chirostenotes?) pubes from Canada probably
belonging to a fairly big animal (5-6 m ? [may be really wrong on this,
please anyone correct me if this is the case]).
Furthermore, despite the fact that I know almost nothing about Thecocoelurus
anatomy in particular and can't therefore discuss it, I think there's no
reason to doubt of this placement only because of the "unusually" big size
_if_ unambiguous characters pointing to a different conclusion are present.


Filippo Calzolari

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