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Re: Sickle Claws (was "a little background")

Dann Pigdon wrote:

> I've often commented on the similarity in shape 
> between said sickle claws, and the beaks of "true" >
raptors. Perhaps they were used more for tearing 
> apart a carcass than for killing

Or maybe they were pouncing weapons. Instead of flying
down on a prey item like a modern "raptor", the
smaller varieties might jump from a tree onto the
unfortunate lizard or mammal scurrying around in the
underbrush (I've always favored this scenario).
Obviously a functionally tridactyl theropod couldn't
run around on a foot full of blades, so a raised
sickle-claw is the next best thing. Might suggest a
thing or 2 about the evolution of the hallux. If you
lose a toe to evolution, better replace it with

Waylon Rowley

P.S. Great to be back!       

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