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Russian Dinosaurs in T.O.: Longisquama

Finally got my fiance to come with me to the "Russian Dinosaurs" exhibit in Toronto.  While she feigned interest I fought hordes of children to get close enough to see the fossils.  The big highlight for me was the cast of Longisquama and its  "long scale" imprints.

One comment.  To me, for what its worth, the structures look a bit "neat" around the edges for feathers.

And a question.  What is the "structure" length compared to the body length of the critter?  From the cast, the former looks to be about 4 inches, the preserved part of the body about half that.

And another question.  Sorry, what were these structures supposed to be used for?  They seem spaced a bit far apart to me much use for gliding/parachuting.  How about for display?

Other highlights were the Theriznosaur claw (wish I had claws like that), the juvenile T. Bataar (looks quite elegant), and a couple of the big proto-mammels.  Also got a softcover copy of Fortey's "Trilobite!" in the lobby on the way out for $15 bucks.  Not a bad day.



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