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Re: a little background

> Have you ever tried to corner a wild cat? They have way more "fire
> power" than required to take down the average bird or mouse. It is,
> however, good for defence against others of its own species, or
> predators.

Ah, cats are a good analogy.  They are very fast, ridiculously strong,
and have lots 'o pointy parts.  But cats are big game hunters.  The
only cats confined to eating small rodents and sparrows are very small
indeed, and there is a minimum amount of equipment required just to
catch and kill anything. By and large, cats can kill relatively large

Good example: Leopards.  Their menu is known to include some prey
items as large as themselves.  Just the same, Deinonychus (which was
arguably even better armed than a medium-sized cat) strikes me as a
big-game hunter.  This does not imply, of course, that they regularly
attacked species 10 times their size.

--Mike Habib