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Re: Giraffatitin brancai Vs Brachiosaurus brancai Vs Brachiosaurus altithorax

>>Actually little is used in the skull. <<

Oh, I figured that much. I know there had to be more to it than the skull. I was just making the remark that the only thing I can find on a difference between the two was the mention of _Giraffatitin_ having high nasals...... If anyone is wondering, I found that at The Dinosauricon. By the way... The Dinosauricon says that we have
5 partial skeletons, several skulls, and limb elements for _Giraffatitan_ but only 2 partial skeletons for _B. altithorax_ with ?skull?..... So i'm guessing we don't have a skull for altithorax.

>>dorsal vertebrae in G. brancai that shows the differences between B. alithorax and G. brancai<<

What's different about them?

>>The field museum and OâHare Airport are one and the same, B. altithorax.<<

Good.......... I can stop feeling bad about not seeing the one at O'Hare...... I've been wondering about it for 2 years.  :-)

Thanks a lot for the info Tracy