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Re: Giraffatitin brancai Vs Brachiosaurus brancai Vs Brachiosaurus altithorax

>>>As I recall, the Chicago mount is a chimera-cast: they used what there was of
Riggs's specimen and filled it in with casts from the Humboldt Museum
Giraffatitan mount. All "Brachiosaurus" mounts are chimeras, for that matter,
since the Brachiosaurus material from Tendaguru was disassociated bones from
several individuals, and when the Humboldt skeleton was mounted the bones
were matched for size from the set they had available.

We have dorsal vertebrae from both the American Brachiosaurus and the African
Giraffatitan, and they are different. You might want to take a look at the
drawings of the dorsal sequences in Greg's paper on Giraffatitan.<<<

Ok...... thanks Dino George.

Now.... I have Riggs' paper on _B. altithorax_ from the DinoWeb and I have Carpenter's and Currie's book Dinosaur Systematics which has a good paper in it on sauropods with info on brachiosaurs in general...I'm sure I can dig through my library and find more goodies too..... But how can I get my claws on Paul's _Giraffatitan_ paper???  :-)

Thanks again.